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"As music educators, we are not required to guarantee that a certain percentage of our students will become teachers or professional musicians.  We are, however, bound by duty to insure that each one of our students gets the most possible out of his or her music education.  If the student and his parents are willing to spend money, give up personal time for practice, and suffer the agony of those first few years of slow development, then we, as true educators, owe it to them to expose the students to every possible form of music that is available."

"I feel that you should always play for someone that you love.  I feel that your music should always be focused, and not just played in an empty manner; you should have somebody that you're playing for.  I learned this from a gentleman I recorded with many years ago by the name of Louis Armstrong.  And he said, 'You always play for someone you love.'  So, to be totally honest with you, when I perform I play for God and my wife Mikki."