"Rich Matteson - Portrait of an

The Rich Matteson Foundation is proud to
announce the production of an educational
and historical DVD documentary on Rich
and his contributions to jazz and jazz

~~~ Still in Production ~~~

The team working on this project includes:

Director/Producer – Daniel Carrey  (Studio City, CA)
Music/Audio/FX Producer and Post Production
Supervisor – James Linahon (Los Angeles, CA)
Script Writer – James Coffin (Anaheim Hills, CA)
Film Editor – Kevin Myers (Montclair, CA)
Michelle Matteson (Associate Producer)

This project, when completed, will provide a 44-90
minute historical and educational DVD produced in the
quality of an A&E Biography on the history of the
Matteson-Phillips TubaJazz Consort (1976-1994) and
Rich Matteson's significant contributions to jazz and
jazz education.

The DVD will include interviews with original members of
the Matteson-Phillips TubaJazz Consort plus other
musicians who performed and were featured with the
TubaJazz Consort. In addition, interviews will be
conducted with surviving "jazz giants" and personalities
who were friends and associates of Rich Matteson
during his multiple careers as performer and jazz

Paul Chiaravalle, Vice-President of Columbia College of
Chicago and formerly Director of the Guest Talent
Program for Disney World conducted most of the
interviews.  Interviews took place at Indiana University -
Bloomington, Indiana, as well as the International
Association of Jazz Educators in New York City along
with interviews in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,
Jacksonville, Florida and Denton, Texas, plus other sites
that accommodate interviewees.
The DVD will include selected inserts of existing video
footage from performances in the USA, Japan, Australia
and Europe showcasing the Matteson-Phillips TubaJazz
Consort and other career highlights of Rich Matteson.

Interviewees include:
Dr. Billie Taylor, Louie Bellson, James Moody, Clark
Terry, Doc Severinsen, Phil Wilson

The Matteson-Phillips TubaJazz Consort Members:
Harvey Phillips – Dan Perantoni – R. Winston Morris
– Buddy Baker – Jack Petersen

Some of the additional interviewees filmed were:
Bob Montgomery, Shelly Berg, Per and Tami Danielson,
Lou Fischer, Mike Vax , Ron Logan, Dave Alexander,
Bruce Silva, Clem DeRosa, Dick Dunscomb, Bryce Luty,
Win Hinkle, Sparky Koerner, Larry Panella, Jerry
Samuels, Marcus Printup

University of North Texas Faculty:
Neil Slater, Jim Riggs, John Haynie, Paris Rutherford,
Dan Haerle, Stefan Karlsson and Don Little


The completed DVD will be made available to individuals,
high schools and university music history classes
throughout the USA.

Check back soon for an update on the progress of
the DVD!
A Non-Profit
Established to
Take a Stand for
a Rich Musical
“May the Rich Matteson Foundation be another Rich
experience for music."
   Harvey Phillips

"Uniquely Rich!" - A Legacy of

The term "Uniquely Rich" certainly describes
the personality of the man, Rich Matteson.  He
was one of a kind.  His sense of humor and
easy laughter always energized a room and
made him a joy to be around.  Rich's whole life
was dedicated toward sharing his music,
whether he was teaching, writing, conducting
or performing.

These selections of live recordings cover a
span of years throughout Rich's career, and
feature performances with the
Matteson/Phillips TubaJazz Consort, United
States Military Bands, "The Millionaires"
Dixieland Band, university concerts, and his
own sextet.  It is my desire that Rich will
enlighten and inspire you through his playing.  
For me, I am thankful to God for this
opportunity to share Rich and his music with

Mikki Matteson

Order "Uniquely Rich" through
The Rich Matteson Foundation
All proceeds benefit the Rich Matteson
Foundation and our programs

"The Magic of Rich Matteson"

When Rich walked out on stage to perform
with professionals, college or high school
€™s ability to incorporate the band, his
audience, laughter and love of music was
forefront in his performances. The magic of
Rich was bringing out the potential of others
beyond what they thought they could achieve.
After 17 years of doing just that in the All-
American College music program at Walt
Disney World, Rich was awarded Disney’s
highest honor, “The Spirit of Disney� -
the Mickey that you see him holding on the
cover of this CD.

Rich was continually expanding his musical
horizons. So journey now through Rich’s
career with The Dukes of Dixieland and Louie
Armstrong, to Las Vegas with Peter Barbutti
and The Millionaires, to Germany for a radio
broadcast, small groups, Military Big Bands
and of course The Matteson/Phillips TubaJazz

The highlights of this CD touch on Rich’s
philosophies that he so willing shared with
thousands throughout the country.

May you, your students and friends by
enriched by Rich's music and words.

In gratitude for all that Rich shared with me.
Mikki Matteson
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